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I have been involved in export-import and distribution since 1972. I have a mission to bring lovely and unique articles of adornment to enhance your beauty, attract the attention of your business associates, and showcase you in a manner that will give you distinction and help advance your position among your business and personal associates.

Having been engaged in the distribution business since 1972, I have been deeply involved in both foreign and domestic sources of high value products, on both the lower cost end and the middle cost end of consumer and business to business sales.

I can also offer unusual and profitable independent business opportunities that avoid the hassle of the usual business startup, by making it possible to buy a Mobile Market that makes it possible to unpack and start selling with none of the frustrations usually associated with trying to start your own business. Contact me at 1 214-415-1456 and leave your number and the reason for your call and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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